Okstenck Garden Bench


Elevate your garden’s allure with this captivating bench, an exquisite fusion of wood and cast iron. The enchanting beauty of nature is artfully mirrored in the intricate design of the decorated backrest, a symphony of craftsmanship that transforms this bench into a functional masterpiece. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the marriage of resilient cast iron and the warmth of wood creates a harmonious juxtaposition, rendering this bench not just a seat, but a conversation-worthy piece of art that beckons relaxation amid the beauty of the outdoors.

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  • This garden bench is made of high-quality wood and high-strength cast iron. Simple style, can easily match with various spaces.
  • Made of reinforced steel to ensure sturdiness and stability, durable and it’s perfect for use for years. Its surface is rust proof, the edge of the garden workbench has been completed, and the metal stool can let you relax safely.
  • The back of the bench is decorated with exquisite vines, which is ergonomically designed to provide the best comfort for your rest.

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