iBooMas SL Track Massage Chair


Indulge in the epitome of relaxation and wellness with this cutting-edge massage chair. Designed to redefine comfort and rejuvenate your senses, this state-of-the-art piece of furniture offers a luxurious 3D massage experience that transcends your expectations. As you settle into the plush, ergonomic seat, you’ll immediately feel the gentle contours conforming to your body, providing unparalleled support.

Equipped with advanced technology, this massage chair takes personalization to the next level. Take command effortlessly with the intuitive voice and remote control, allowing you to customize your massage experience with ease. Experience weightlessness as the chair effortlessly glides into the zero gravity position, relieving pressure on your spine and promoting ultimate relaxation. Let the soothing warmth of the heating therapy envelop your body, melting away tension and stress. With 12 massage modes and 6 massage techniques to choose from, you can effortlessly tailor your session to address specific areas of concern. The intelligent body scanning feature ensures a personalized massage that targets your unique contours, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.

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  • Ergonomic extra-long SL track is the configuration of high-end 3D massage chair, offers about 50% more area than ordinary massage chairs.
  • AI voice, colour LCD remote and quick button control massage chair zero gravity full body, built-in USB port
  • With back and foot heating therapy, perfect complement to massage. Adjustable width 3D massage rollers. Soles of the feet with 3 kinds of massager, full-body airbag massage for shoulders, arms, legs, feet, etc.
  • It presets 12 automatic massage modes for selection,or choose suitable massage style in the custom setting, such as 6 massage techniques, massage part, turn off airbag massage, etc.
  • Before the massage starts is an automatic scanning procedure
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • For the footrest, you can freely choose the lifting angle (not restricted by the backrest lying angle), find the most comfortable recliner angle to relax your body.

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