Dingelex Kids Floating Bookshelves


Introducing our contemporary floating bookshelves, a modern and sleek storage solution for your child’s room! Crafted from transparent acrylic, these shelves effortlessly blend into any decor while adding a touch of sophistication. Designed to create the illusion of floating books and magazines, these shelves offer a unique and stylish display option. The transparent nature of the acrylic material allows the focus to remain on the items showcased, giving them a captivating and ethereal appearance.

These kids shelves are perfect for showcasing your child’s favourite books, cartoons or decorative items. The minimalist design provides a clean and clutter-free look, while the floating effect adds a sense of magic and wonder to their space.

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  •  This acrylic floating shelves is the perfect addition to your home or office. Reduce clutter by getting books, magazines, artwork, and more off of the floor and in a visually appealing display.
  • These can hold lots of books and they can stack about 4-5 deep.
  • The package comes with screws and drywall anchors, just needed to drill some holes for the anchors.

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2 Pack


24 Inch, 36 Inch